Ibrahim Farrah is considered as an important person in his chosen field in life. He is known as a performer on the dance that has influenced America to look into it. The Middle Eastern dance is the one advocated by Ibrahim who has a nickname of Bobby. He has influenced the lives of many through his important works. He also publishes a magazine Arabesque that concentrates on ethnic dances. He first concentrated to write about the traditional or ethnic dances of the Middle Eastern.

Afterward, he included the ethnic dances of other countries. He has received a Ruth St. Denis Award for Choreography. With this work in Arabesque he was given a His parents were Lebanese and they migrated to America. Bobby was born in Pennsylvania and his family and relatives help him to choose what he will pursue.

He learned to dance the Middle Eastern style when they have family parties. He continued on professionally when he went to Washington and to be able to dance. He then went to New York and taught the dance form in the year 1967 at the Carnegie Hall.

He also teaches in other studious and also formed his own and even gone international. His career had been good as he was able to form a group and choreographed their performances with the inspiration of traditional dances from other countries like Egypt and Lebanon. They had performed in various places including the Carnegie Hall and the Performing Arts located in Washington, the Kennedy Center. He was able to produce 2 videos on the Middle Eastern dance before his death.