This is one of the famous dance today. You can look it up in the net and you can find many tutorials or performances of this dance. This is not easy for some to learn. This dance has no very conclusive origin and the one who influenced it. But what is known is that the dance came from Turkey and Egypt. It is natural that the purpose today is different from the purpose in the past. The dance was made to entertain with its movements exuding feminity.

When it is being danced in Turkey, it started to be danced in the public. The costume is also different as a long skirt is worn. But when it was commercialized and dances now are made into bars that the costumes have changed to what we know today. In Egypt, men and women perform it but as time passes by, more women now perform to suit the needs of the guests. This dance has one that concentrates on the movement of the torsos and not the upper body and the legs.

Because travelers who had witnessed the dances especially the Europeans, it has quickly spread into all of America. Now many like it and they are eager to learn. Others hate the dance because of the sensual connotations that make it negative. But others do not look at that but look at the dance as one that is used to express oneself and be able to dance this type of dance that receives appreciation from many.