The Middle Eastern Dance is the same as the words oriental dance. Other people may think that oriental dance is only one and that is belly dancing as many associates it with it as the only type of dance. But it is not as it is a general term that would describe various types of dance. It is not only belly dancing that you can find being danced in the middle eastern. It is just the popular one. But the term middle eastern dance is the one that pertains to the traditional dances that could be found in the Middle East.

This dance includes the ones that are found in North Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. In particular, the Arab dances includes rags shargi(this is danced in various Arab countries like Syria and also in Turkey and Lebanon), gwhawazi, ardah, shamadan, baladi, dabke, hagallah, and many more. When it comes to Turkey, there is the ciftetelli which is the dance that could be found the the areas occumoied before by the Ottoman Empire. There is also the dances that came from Persia.

In the Assyrian area, they have their own fold dance which is the khigga. If you will go to Morocco, you should find the tray dance or also called as raks al seniyya. The traditional dances could be found in other areas also as people moved and they also carry with them their own culture and belief. The dances were also made known to other countries who have their own dances and have incorporated it to form a dance pattern.